Roulette: The Complete Guide To Improving Your Odds

Did you know that the first roulette wheel, designed and manufactured by the famous French mathematician Blaise Pascal, was meant to be a perpetual motion machine? Pascal didn’t intend for his roulette wheel to be utilised in land-based casino games, but the Gods of Gambling had other ideas more than 366 years ago. Pascal’s attempt to disprove the laws of physics, which state that a perpetual motion machine can’t operate without a constant input of energy, proved fruitless. But Pascal also gave us something new and, many would say, superior: the roulette wheel.

The casino staple is a fan favourite throughout the world and has made an appearance in an impressive number of feature films. You probably have a decent notion of what we’re talking about when we say that you already know precisely what we’re talking about if you’ve watched movies like Diamonds are Forever or Casablanca, in which famous actors like James Bond or Rick Blaine play high-stakes games in nightclubs.

If roulette has always been your favourite Kingz Asia casino game, whether you like playing at the best online casinos or in our luxurious land casino, we hope that these few pointers will help you have even more fun the next time you’re ready to put your bets and watch the wheel spin. If you have a deep-seated desire to win at roulette, whether at our luxurious land-based establishment or at the best online casinos, following pointers will get you on the right track.


Sit Down And Stay At The Table At The Very Least

One of the most important pieces of advice you can take into account while playing roulette for the first time at a casino is to play with just the outside bets and stick to the table minimum. Each spin, you have the option of betting on either black or red, with the former yielding a payout of 1 to 1 and the latter covering 18 of the 38 potential combo results.

Make A Number Of Bets To Maintain Your Adrenaline Rush.

Another option for making the time spent at the table as fun and interesting as possible is to perform the following: You must wager a minimum of two qualifying wagers on a variety of outside wagers. You may place one wager on a column or the 2:1 paying dozen, and the other on a straight up wager, which pays even money. When you place your bets in this way, you increase your chances of not only covering more numbers twice, but also of hitting more numbers.

Pick The Game’s European Release.

If you play European roulette, which uses the European wheel, you should expect your odds to be much higher since there is only one zero on the wheel. The current house edge for this version of the game is 2.63%, which is almost half of the house edge seen in American versions of the game. The house advantage may be lowered even more by the players, to the extent that it can be as low as 1.4%. If the ball drops into the coloured pocket with the zero written on it, then the result is as follows. This means that any bets made by participants throughout the round will count toward the next round’s qualifying requirements.

By Clare Louise
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